Sunday, 19 June 2011

Its a Hard Life

Our eldest dog Holly is starting to get old…she’s slowing down and getting creaky. It doesn’t stop her chasing a ball like a maniac but she is definitely reluctant to give it back when she is tired. So when my mum was about clear out some old fleecy cushion covers I decided a bit of doggy luxury could be on the horizon.P1040612

I snipped up the covers so I had several front panels and sections of the backs to work with. I cut the zippers from the back panels for use in other projects (I kept one in to help minimise the sewing). The front panels and back panels were then sewed together right sides facing and trimmed and then the zip acted as a good opening to turn the whole thing right side out. It was then stuffed with too geriatric pillows. The perfect recycling project which took all of 40 minutes to make….


She tried it out for size and squishability and gave a large snore of satisfaction


Holly is very appreciative and doesn’t budge from the cushion now when she’s in the living room. After all Its very hard being a Doggy


Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Today is my friends birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIP! we went pot painting on the weekend to celebrate which was mega fun.
Pip did these amazing coasters
Pot Painting
Awesome! We have conjured up a basket of goodies as a present and I had the perfect coordinating fabric waiting in the wings and so with a little superpower style exclamations a cushion was sewed
Pip's birthday cushion (5)
Check it out! – WHAM! SLAM, POW, and best of all ARGGH!
Pip's birthday cushion (6)Pip's birthday cushion (8)
I added some pink polka dot binding to add a little girly touch.
Pip's birthday cushion (9)
There was enough left over to make a little lavender bag as well Smile
Pip's birthday cushion (4)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Baby Shower

One of my friends is due to pop in 6 weeks so we thought it would be a nice gesture to arrange a baby shower. An American concept which gave me an excuse to get the crochet hook out and 300g of Sirdar Snowflake Chunky. A simple pattern consisting of a starting chain of 75 and then half treble crochet stitches until it reached the desired size. I love this pattern for a baby blanket as its quick and easy and best of all crochets up fast so you look like a speed hooker….*Ahem*…in the nicest possible sense.
A Baby boy was expected so I chose blue colour ways changing at the end of each ball (made it easier for hooking on the train commute to work)

Baby BlanketBaby Blanket (2)
This wool has a delicious softness which is very very squidgable!
Baby Blanket (3)

My friend and owner of CakesbyBeth did herself proud with a blue themed desert table and a monster theme. I was far too busy eyeing up the cakes to take a shot of the full table but it featured a cute Cyclops monster on top of a lovely lemon cake
Baby Shower  -Cakesbybeth (7)

Baby Shower  -Cakesbybeth (3)

Baby Shower  -Cakesbybeth (8)

An Array of Lemon cookies both daisy and Cyclops themed – this tray was the Daisy option and have some marvellous Cake-pops…or should that be LOLLY CLOPS!

Baby Shower  -Cakesbybeth (5)

(you’d think they would be a cup cake on a stick but no…more of a cake truffle coated in chocolate – mmmmmm)

Baby Shower  -Cakesbybeth (11)Baby Shower  -Cakesbybeth (12)

The theme was completed with a ‘Happy Hatching box’ to post some notes to the future parents/baby and some fresh flowers – Excellent work!

Baby Shower  -CakesbybethBaby Shower  -Cakesbybeth (10)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Ah, Buh, Cuh, Chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

This play mat was for a special little boy and was started when I first got my sewing machine 2 years ago. I decided that a play mat would be a handy item as they live on a farm and he can have something to sit on when he’s out and about. I chose the brightest colours there was and whilst the sewing leaves a lot to be desired (practise really has started to pay off with my sewing skills) I am quite pleased with the overall result. The alphabet is to help him learn
What’s with the crazy lettering? its the welsh alphabet for a little welsh boy.