Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sink stuff

The last six months have been a struggle. Nothing major to define it just a continuous round of illness, job stresses, more illness and general lack of time!!

We are gradually coming out of this slump and the house is getting a spring clean. Progress is slow and we might just be done in time for winter :-p 

The cupboard under the sink has been niggling at me for some time now. General clutter which causes an avalanche every time you open it to switch on the washing machine. The washing powder has been living on the kitchen counter for at least a month! So armed with an idea spotted on Pinterest, a curtain rod and two hooks I installed a simple bottle bar. Want to see???

Room for everything now: a box for the least used items (oven cleaner, sink Unblocker), a tub for the dishwasher stuff and a tub for dusters and wash cloths. 

A small thing perhaps but a step In The right direction.

There has been some crafting and a jazzy little baby cardi is in the post. Pictures of that later. 

Happy crafting