Sunday, 8 August 2010

A tale of two teapots....

Once upon a time there was a teapot. The little teapot was adventurous and left home for the big wide world to gain some work experience in an office. Would you like to see a picture of the little teapot? here we go.

The little teapot worked hard but he found the big wide world could be a cold place to be.....very as a reward for hard work I made The little teapot a coat. A hard wearing blue was chosen to create a nice chunky coat.  but the coat was plain and did not suit the little teapots personality. "Could I add some Jazz?" the little teapot asked....." Just a little Pizazz?". So little teapot thought hard and long and said "fishes if you please". The little teapot wanted a coat with fishes so he could feel smart and proud when talking to the fishies and crabs in the office fish tank. A clownfish and  some weeds set the scene and a large friendly octopus adorned the front....and the little teapot was happy. Would you like to see the little teapots coat?

 Such snazz and pizazz. Such fishy goodness the little teapot was very happy twirling around in his new coat and was so very very warm. The little teapot wrote home about his new coat and his cousin the Shiny teapot was amazed and just a little jealous for the Shiny teapot did not have a coat with such Jazz and pizazz and was feeling a bit left out. Would you like to see a picture of the Shiny teapot?

So the little teapot decided to surprise the Shiny teapot and send him a coat with some Snazz and I set to work...The Shiny teapot is used by a select few so a coat of emerald green would serve it well. but what to add for the jazz and the snazz? the little teapot thought....and thought....the Shiny teapot works in a house, a house in a field, with some sheep int he field. The Shiny teapot can watch the sheep in the  field through the window while it works..."why not add a sheep!" exclaimed the teapot. so it was settled a jazzy sheep of a field of emerald green for the shiny teapot's coat. Would you like to see the shiny teapot's coat?

 And a closer look and the snazzy, jazzy, pizazzy pompom?

and the sheep?

So both little teapots are now nice and warm and still working ever so hard in their coats of snazz, and pizazz and jazz.


  1. I like your guest appearance in the shiny teapot :)

  2. A complete accident as well! Think it shows how super shiny the Shiny teapot is though :-p