Monday, 16 July 2012

Toddler bag

My little friend Lotties is 18 months old and was without a shopping bag….I know! every little girl needs a shopping bag!!
So I cut out some felt letters and sewed them onto and old t-shirt. The t-shirt fabric was meant to be the bas of the bag but I decided that it was too flimsy and stretchy…unpicking all the sewing for the design was too much of a task to contemplate though so instead I transferred it onto some old jeans. Making the bag was really easy! I cut two pieces of jean material (from some old jeans I had) and sewed them wrong sides together. I zigzag stitched the seams so they would look neater and add a bit more strength and then turned it inside out. some spare strips of bias tape were used for the handles.
If I was making this again I would make the handles out of denim as well to add some extra strength and the design would go straight on to the denim fabric….not bad for an hours work though Open-mouthed smile

Monday, 9 July 2012

Boat House

My friends are moving onto a a house boat. Yep, that's right a floating house! how cool is that!!

I could never move onto a floating house as I own too much stuff and cannot get rid of the clutterbug within…I’d need a boat house, then a barge for crafting stuff, then a barge for my husbands stuff…we’d end up being a flotilla all by ourselves!

The house was in need of some new curtains though. These are not your usual curtains being more like bungs to put in the portholes when night comes round. I made some simple envelope covers to fit the existing stoppers and added on some fun felt designs