Sunday, 30 January 2011


I have so many projects on the go at the moment that it feels like I’m juggling. Yes, a crazy juggling act incorporating fabric and wool, crochet hooks and sewing pins. Would you like a sneaky peak?
This is a secret project for a friend; she gets married in August so the full Ta-Dah will have to wait until then.

Two blank tea cosies ready to be glammed up and put in the etsy shop...The final design is undecided as yet but I think it will be destined for a garden theme given that spring is finally in the air and the snowdrops are poking through (suggestions on a postcard please!).

I have a small amigurami project that needs legs, arms a tail and an eye patch.

My latest endeavour is a quilt commission....the very first I have ever had or done so it is an experiment and a learning curve. How much time will it take? How much material? The shear amount of material needed had me doubting my calculations! Last night I cut out 200 blocks. Here is what 200 blocks looks like...

The deadlines on these projects vary from ‘whenever’ to march 1st so I’ll be busy for a while yet!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Introducing Peso

How can you play octonauts without an octonaut?

This was a dilemma faced by a colleagues son....teddy bears, hippos and lions were drafted in on a daily basis to fill the roles of the intrepid octonauts.

The request for the octonaut filtered through from one of the knitting group members....does anyone have the time? spare wool? .... Having only small scale projects on the go at the moment I volunteered.

Peso was picked for his colours...I appear to have a lot of black and white in my random stash corner.
have the basis for most amigurami!

The hat gave me trouble and I wasn't convinced he was right when I handed it over but my colleagued was thrilled and instantly recognised him....and her little boy?....apparently The Hippo now has competition when it comes to being his bed time pal!

Google octonauts for a fab childrens tv show. Apparently its very educational and has some lovely artwork!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Year, New Look, New Adventure


You may have noticed that my little patch of blogland has just had a re-vamp.
Deryn Du is now showcasing a snazzy new image and further more a Snazzy new Etsy Shop!!

I'm so excited! Check out the little slideshow widget on the left. Hopefully it will soon it will be showcasing a lot more items!

My most recent creations are these Lavender Heart Sachets.

Made in a very pretty Cath Kidston Fabric and stuffed with Fragrant lavender. Ideal to hang on a coat hanger, door or to scent a drawer.

I'm off to craft some more now.
Have a fun filled week!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy new year!

Just a short post to start the new year off and to share with you a final Ta-Dah before we clear the crafting slate and begin again!

My sister FINALLY unwrapped her quilt and it was well received! so I thought I'd share a few photos of the finished article.

First the Back: A refreshing green polka dot fabric

and the front: All Cath K!

And a little close up:

Have a happy, healthy and a crafty new year!