Thursday, 22 November 2012

A new crafter on the block and seasonal stockings!

What a fabulous weekend!
My sister brought up my nephew and came to stay! she also brought with her a new sewing machine as whilst she likes my creations her tastes are definitely more refined! and to be completely honest it is time as he repaid the favour as I think she owns the majority of my Epic crafts!

The wool blanket that consists of 70 squares (approx 15x15cm- 30 mins per square. sewing together = 9 hours, border 1 row at 45 mins ). The biggest blanket I have ever completed…yup its on HER sofa!
I’m not sure if I ever blogged about it so here is a sneak peak…..

The Cath K quilt…..My first ever Quilt!!!…… yup that's right sat on HER sofa! This one is blogged here.

Our weekend was packed with baby stuff – changing, feeding, entertaining but every spare moment we camped out on my dining table and I taught her some stuff whilst she accused me of being unsociable as I couldn’t craft AND match her chatter speed!!. She is surprisingly good considering she’s never sewn anything in her life before! She has just started a new blog at so I hope you’ll stop by and lend her some support in her new venture.

Our goals was to make Christmas stockings for our boys. we wanted handmade stockings that would last them and that they would be proud of. I don’t know about the boys but we were most definitely proud! would you like to see?
I indulged my love of bright colours for the front and added some festive jingle bells which add a pleasing sound.P1080587
On the other side I went for a deep purple and a festive robing with my son’s name spelled out in festive lettering
I might yet add a few music notes to the robin.