Thursday, 21 March 2013

Shining Stars!

Do you remember me telling you about The Little Chair? and perhaps you were kind enough to read about The Gwdihw Cushion?? Well I decided to write off to that magazine again Simply Homemade. Given my past success I really was just hoping for it to be printed but when it landed on my doorstep……..


I honestly couldn’t believe it Star Letter again!!



Look at the page spread…see that lovely robot picture on the right that is from mylittleman. I didn’t realise my sister had also written in but Yay! Take that Sis Smile with tongue out (…..ssssshhh….only kidding). If you want a closer look of the lovely robot wander over to her blog and have a nosy.


My prize for start letter was being able to choose goodies from abakhans craft shop up to £50. This took a lot of pondering. Last time I had a clear project in mind with the Dragonfly board but this time I decided that I should try and stock up on some essentials. I am always short of plain cottons for backgrounds and I love colourful buttons so I thought it would be wise to stock up on those. Would you like to see the goodies?…excuse the grubby cushion covers this was post-party!


The beading wire is to go on a project I should hopefully be able to reveal in April, the pegs I thought would be useful for showing the little monsters artwork and the two fisheye buttons???….well you have to do some thing with the last four pence!!!!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Little Shoes….Wacka Wacka

These little shoes are now running around at nursery and I am back at work trying to juggle…..well….everything!
I have managed to find some time to make this as a small wedding gift for a friend who is obsessed with Fozzy the bear. He’s dressed up for a wedding and will also be sporting a tie and an invite for the big day! what else can I say but Wacka Wacka ~Wacka!!  He is crocheted with a hand sewn felt hat.
***I finished the final details!
A Bowtie and a handmade invite to match the one we got.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

I got a little treasure from my mischief maker…he did all the sticking and planting himself!


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Birthday Quilt

My little baby is now a little boy and is the grand old age of 1. I was determined that he would have a quilt for his birthday. As with most projects those with our name on it always get pushed to the back burner and get left languishing which other peoples gifts are completed on time. It was important to me that this was done on time as my little boy is a whole lot more important to me than pretty much anything else. So I spent a whole week slaving over this whilst trying to get party preparations sorted…I’ll give you a sneak preview now and come back with some more detailed shots when the quilt, my camera and some daylight next coincide. (By the way thanks to my sister for modelling!!)


I backed it with some delicious pirate fabric.


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Baby shower absentee

An old colleague is having a baby shower which I can’t attend as it clashes m=with my boys birthday bash so as an absentee I decided I should send along a little something to the organiser. I wanted it to be quick as I only have a few weeks to finish a quilt so I settled on a sweet crochet pinafore dress.I crocheted up the main bit of this dress in an evening and finished it off the next morning and it is a super easy pattern. If you are interested in the pattern ravelry it is Angel Wings Pinafore by Maxine Gonser. I chose purple as it is the mums favourite colour.


I know the mum loves bunting as well so I made up this string of mini bunting to hang near the nappy bin. I stuffed the flags with a little lavender so hopefully they will help combat the niff of a newborn! I would make this bunting again but next time I would use more lavender and proper bias binding rather than the ribbon i found. I am happy with the result though as its my first bunting effort!! Hopefully the mum to be will like!P1090398P1090401