Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Crafting

Christmas for me is all about the gift giving. Lately all about the HOMEMADE gift giving.

There's something appealing about putting time and effort into a project,thought about the recipient and then seeing their appreciation. Its the appreciation that makes the extra effort worthwhile.

Crafting Christmas also gives you the opportunity to shun the high street and make something that is truly unique.

The crafting list this year is long and I ahve been supremely disorganised so I am now crafting to a deadline - something which is not enjoyable at all!

However two makes are now done and dusted. These were simple projects - scarves. I chose a simple treble crochet stitch for speed and also for the drape. I like the way a simple stitch like this can let the wool speak for itself. I chose pretty colours. In one case it was a king Cole bulky yarn (king Cole waves multi - Pink Fizz 364)  in lovely sherbet colours .

The second wool was James Brett marble (James C Brett Marble DK Yarn MT9 Berries) - a subtle colour scheme but just as pretty. 

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