Sunday, 16 January 2011

Introducing Peso

How can you play octonauts without an octonaut?

This was a dilemma faced by a colleagues son....teddy bears, hippos and lions were drafted in on a daily basis to fill the roles of the intrepid octonauts.

The request for the octonaut filtered through from one of the knitting group members....does anyone have the time? spare wool? .... Having only small scale projects on the go at the moment I volunteered.

Peso was picked for his colours...I appear to have a lot of black and white in my random stash corner.
have the basis for most amigurami!

The hat gave me trouble and I wasn't convinced he was right when I handed it over but my colleagued was thrilled and instantly recognised him....and her little boy?....apparently The Hippo now has competition when it comes to being his bed time pal!

Google octonauts for a fab childrens tv show. Apparently its very educational and has some lovely artwork!

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