Monday, 25 June 2012


This family definitely tends towards clutter. We are gradually winning the war but it is a very slow process that requires some new habits to be adopted along the way….

So when I see a need for a little bit of organising to make life a bit easier….no matter how trivial its always nice to see it in action….

So last night I sat down and spent half an hour sewing two simple drawstring bags for our rechargeable batteries…hopefully this will eliminate the need to go through every single one with a tester every time we need to find one with some charge or work out which ones need to be plugged into the wall!

I loosely based them on the super Mario bros….so the 1-up mushroom is for the batteries that need to be charged up…the star is for ones that need charge……now all we need to do is organise ourselves enough to put the right batteries in the right bags!!!


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