Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hello Hello

My little critter is off ill for a few days so I thought I’d use nap time to catch up! Did you see my last post??
Yes that's right I went running!! (I say running but really it could probably be called a Jaunty Walk….but hey it all counts!!!)
Are you curious as to what sparked it all off? A couple of things really.
Last year in November I completed a 5k run. I’m surprised I didn’t blog about it as it was a huge achievement for me. After about 5 months of early starts, forcing myself to train at 6.00 am three times a week with a 6 month old to look after during the day I completed the south Manchester park run in 44.41 minutes. Yes I was 193rd out of 194 people….and yes it was the other persons job to come last to check we were all finished on the course…but I did it!
We then went to afternoon tea. After all this crazy plan of doing a 5k was planned over an afternoon tea so it seemed fitting to celebrate with one!!
Well its now a full year since that day and after all the effort I put in I’ve been running Once !
It seems like such a shame.
Whilst realising this I read Frugal Queens post on her Warts’an’all’run and it reminded me that towards the end I did actually enjoy the running. I did actually feel better for it!!.
So with another afternoon tea booked and munched I set my new running goal. I want to to do 52 runs in 52 weeks!!Sounds like such an easy goal don’t you think!! I use a running app on my Iphone called run keeper and it lets you set a cumulative distance goal. I’ve assumed 5k for each workout so it relies on me getting better towards the end of the year!! That is 260km over the year.
This time I’m going to blog about it to keep me going Smile
So that's where the new post category’s come from 52 runs in 52 weeks!
I haven’t decided on the last race…either a charity run or maybe another park run but there will definitely be an afternoon tea planned to celebrate!

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