Sunday, 9 February 2014

Pretty Snoozy

One of my Christmas presents was a lovely bundle of fabric which included this rather pretty flannel.

Lovely large pink roses with lime green and blush pink spots. Combine those colours with the lovely feel of flannel and you have a lovely decadent fabric. 

I decided the best use if this was a pillowcase. Most of our bedding is geometric designs and either browns or bold colours so this would be a perfect way of prettify ing my side. I like two pillows and the second is normally decked out in vintage Star Wars or ancient striped fabric. 

All it took was some careful cutting around an existing pillowcase for size, two seams for the edges and then a bit of pondering to engineer the inside flap (you know the bit you tuck the pillow into so it looks all neat ) and then three seams. All in all about half an hour. 

This was in the afternoon light and the following a wee but later when I changed the bedding

All in all I'm quite chuffed with this little project and will keep an eye out for some more pretty fabric to make a spare :-)


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