Sunday, 19 June 2011

Its a Hard Life

Our eldest dog Holly is starting to get old…she’s slowing down and getting creaky. It doesn’t stop her chasing a ball like a maniac but she is definitely reluctant to give it back when she is tired. So when my mum was about clear out some old fleecy cushion covers I decided a bit of doggy luxury could be on the horizon.P1040612

I snipped up the covers so I had several front panels and sections of the backs to work with. I cut the zippers from the back panels for use in other projects (I kept one in to help minimise the sewing). The front panels and back panels were then sewed together right sides facing and trimmed and then the zip acted as a good opening to turn the whole thing right side out. It was then stuffed with too geriatric pillows. The perfect recycling project which took all of 40 minutes to make….


She tried it out for size and squishability and gave a large snore of satisfaction


Holly is very appreciative and doesn’t budge from the cushion now when she’s in the living room. After all Its very hard being a Doggy



  1. Oh Holly, that last photo is a good look of doggy happiness and contentment if ever I saw one! What a great way to recycle fabric, I'm all for luxurious dog bedding. I dread our dogs getting elderly, I want them to live forever.
    Thank you so much for the link to the printing your own fabric site, I've never heard of that sort of thing before, what a brilliant idea! It's got me thinking! Love Vanessa xxx