Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Today is my friends birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIP! we went pot painting on the weekend to celebrate which was mega fun.
Pip did these amazing coasters
Pot Painting
Awesome! We have conjured up a basket of goodies as a present and I had the perfect coordinating fabric waiting in the wings and so with a little superpower style exclamations a cushion was sewed
Pip's birthday cushion (5)
Check it out! – WHAM! SLAM, POW, and best of all ARGGH!
Pip's birthday cushion (6)Pip's birthday cushion (8)
I added some pink polka dot binding to add a little girly touch.
Pip's birthday cushion (9)
There was enough left over to make a little lavender bag as well Smile
Pip's birthday cushion (4)

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  1. You're AWESOME! Thank you thank you thank you :)