Thursday, 21 March 2013

Shining Stars!

Do you remember me telling you about The Little Chair? and perhaps you were kind enough to read about The Gwdihw Cushion?? Well I decided to write off to that magazine again Simply Homemade. Given my past success I really was just hoping for it to be printed but when it landed on my doorstep……..


I honestly couldn’t believe it Star Letter again!!



Look at the page spread…see that lovely robot picture on the right that is from mylittleman. I didn’t realise my sister had also written in but Yay! Take that Sis Smile with tongue out (…..ssssshhh….only kidding). If you want a closer look of the lovely robot wander over to her blog and have a nosy.


My prize for start letter was being able to choose goodies from abakhans craft shop up to £50. This took a lot of pondering. Last time I had a clear project in mind with the Dragonfly board but this time I decided that I should try and stock up on some essentials. I am always short of plain cottons for backgrounds and I love colourful buttons so I thought it would be wise to stock up on those. Would you like to see the goodies?…excuse the grubby cushion covers this was post-party!


The beading wire is to go on a project I should hopefully be able to reveal in April, the pegs I thought would be useful for showing the little monsters artwork and the two fisheye buttons???….well you have to do some thing with the last four pence!!!!

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