Sunday, 3 March 2013

Baby shower absentee

An old colleague is having a baby shower which I can’t attend as it clashes m=with my boys birthday bash so as an absentee I decided I should send along a little something to the organiser. I wanted it to be quick as I only have a few weeks to finish a quilt so I settled on a sweet crochet pinafore dress.I crocheted up the main bit of this dress in an evening and finished it off the next morning and it is a super easy pattern. If you are interested in the pattern ravelry it is Angel Wings Pinafore by Maxine Gonser. I chose purple as it is the mums favourite colour.


I know the mum loves bunting as well so I made up this string of mini bunting to hang near the nappy bin. I stuffed the flags with a little lavender so hopefully they will help combat the niff of a newborn! I would make this bunting again but next time I would use more lavender and proper bias binding rather than the ribbon i found. I am happy with the result though as its my first bunting effort!! Hopefully the mum to be will like!P1090398P1090401

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