Monday, 27 May 2013

A month just wandered past

Strange how that happens! You blink once, chase a bundle of mischief across a room to retrieve your phone/a roll of tissue/ remote/ definitely something he should not have/any object destined for mischief, blink again and poof! I’m a whole year older and its been a month since my last blog post.

Most of my projects are in progress as this month the thing I have concentrated most in achieving is this – The elusive HOT cup of tea!! (Always seems to be cold by the time I get to drink it)


A few things that have happened this month….

My birthday!!! This cake tasted like oreo cookies!!


We have a new doormat


I’ve started piecing together my birdy quilt top. I’ve had the fabric for this for a long time! I’m hoping to create a babbette style quit with log cabin quilt blocks. I’ve cut the borders quite wide for now so I can play with the arrangement without too much bother. I’ve added a few close ups of the fabric I’m using. ,Most of the blocks have ended up quite large as it was hard to decide where to cut the pattern!


I wrote in to Simply Homemade magazine with my Fozzy Bear and was lucky enough for my letter to be printed!!

P1090983   P1090982

I have several other projects on my to-do/half finished list including: a Tetris blanket, 2 baby quilts and a t-shirt crochet rug!

Hope everyone enjoyed the bank holiday I’ll hopefully be back soon.

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