Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside….Dippity Doo Dah!

Unfortunately I am not near the big blue sea but we do have a little smattering of seaside at home to celebrate…There are gulls, boats and Beach huts and even water!

Would you like to know more? pretend you’re digging your toes in sand and read on folks…..read on!

Our downstairs toilet (Hah!!….Suckers!!! you thought it was about the seaside but its about our toilet!!! I did say there was water!!!!)…..anyway….our downstairs toilet needed a makeover. It was dingy when we moved in. Then my husband painted it terracotta to go with some existing tiles and to be honest I’ve hated it ever since. It felt like a dark dingy orange cupboard.

We tested out a few tester pots on the wall. If you look carefully you can see the original orange colour in the background.

Bathroom Makeover (9)Bathroom Makeover (8)

We decided to go with the Crown Classic Duck Egg as a feature wall and the rest was destined to be white. All Painting and DIY credit needs to go to my husband for this!

Bathroom Makeover (13)Bathroom Makeover (15)

The colour is a shade darker in real life. The photos are a mixture of camera and phone and neither capture the colour truly. We Had a mirror with shutters that we bought to help bounce a bit of light about and allow people to primp and preen. The shutter doors are a nice seaside blue. The pine shelf gives us some space to store a spare loo roll and provides the boats and beach hut element of the seaside that I promised you. The spare loo roll provided an opportunity to get crafting as we could either a) use the existing dolly cover we had (present from granny) b) leave it bare or c) get Crafty. Options a and b looked like this:

Bathroom Makeover (2)Bathroom Makeover (3)

I did several trial runs trying to make a free standing cover for the loo roll then opted for a simpler wrap around design of quilted fabric, bound in blue and trimmed with seaside ribbons. I secured it with a blue button and think it looks a treat!


Bathroom Makeover (16)Bathroom Makeover (6)Bathroom Makeover (20)

I gave the existing towel and tissue holder a quick coat of the duck egg wall paint and another coat of varnish and they spruced up quite nicely and saved us about £15 for a new set. Bathroom Makeover (10)Bathroom Makeover (26)

Bathroom Makeover (25)

The remaining walls were painted white. The floor updated from pine laminate to a tile effect slate version. Properly fitted and neatly trimmed out. You really appreciate those two details after living with other peoples poor handiwork! The splash back which used to feature terracotta seahorses was swapped for some mosaic glass tiles (our first tiling attempt. All in all it looks pretty Swish!

Bathroom Makeover (32)Bathroom Makeover (24)

So we’ve had water, boats and beach huts….anything missing???

Ah Yes!! The Gulls!!

Well one seagull. He hangs out on the newly stencilled door so there’s no confusion over where you’re heading!!

I hoped you enjoyed stopping by! Cheerio.

Bathroom Makeover (7)Bathroom Makeover (29)Bathroom Makeover (30)


  1. LOVE THIS!!!! What a fantastic transformation! Brilliant colours and finishing. Did you stencil the door yourself? And does the door fit properly now? x

  2. Stencilling the door was easy. We printed out the sign in the size and font we liked then traced round the outline on the reverse....stuck it to the door and transferred the pencil on. It left a good outline then we hand painted it. To get the door to fit properly would need a new door and its not a custom size. Not bothered about that it shuts... Doesn't need to be airtight.....all our farts smell like roses!