Sunday, 1 September 2013

Checks to dots

Do you remember one of my first nursery makes? A V-shaped cushion cover. You can read about it Here. The fabric was upcycled from a duvet cover found in a local charity shop.


It cost less than 50p to make and at the time I was really happy with it. Well 18 months later my little boy is not so little and the cushion cover has been well worn! An untimely cocoa spill sealed its fate and with its change in use from general baby support to comfy sofa friend warranted a bit of a re-vamp. This time I chose some lovely blue fabric with bright lollipop dots.


I used the same steps as in the original post using the cover as a template. The original cover utilised existing poppers from the duvet so I cut the backing section into overlapping segments to create an envelope closure. A generous overlap meant no buttons were necessary to maintain the nice lines.


I like the simplicity of envelope closures (when I get them right!) but I am a big fan of turning them into a feature. It helps to find them and adds a little interest and sewing challenges. For this v-shaped cushion I added a strip of the fabric at a different orientation and hid the seam with some blue ribbon. Spare polka dot binding in turquoise came to hand and I bound the end seam with it. I think it adds a nice bit of interest and contrasts nicely with the fabric.


There are a few more cushion covers to showcase soon.


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