Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Anyone for Hibernation?

Several months ago I promised that I would make a work colleague a teacosy. The remit was a challenge in itself as I had to work to the following criteria:
1) Use whatever colours you like
2) Use whatever theme you like
3) You can't borrow the actual teapot to fit the teacosy to as my wife uses it everyday

To have no limits on a creation for someone should be the dream job....however I found the lack of direction to pick a theme to please? several designs were thought of and discarded...some ideas have been jotted down for future use.

The final teacosy design was inspired by the change in seasons (some fantastic autumn weather), a well thought out wedding present and a look into my stash of yarn....

The yarn stash threw up some eyelash wool in a shade of dark and light grey and a beige yarn. The eyelash wool was perfect for the end cosy...very......Spikey

Yes, The winning teacosy design was a hedgehog....a cute snuffly spikey friend. The eyelash yarn made perfect spikes. (the inspiring wedding present was a hedgehog house for the garden - so soon I'll hopefully have the real thing!).

The teacosy was well received and has already made a few friends in its new home
Hopefully with a little practice my teacosy-ing skills will improve so I can turn out a teacosy without a teapot fitting - this one worked well but is a bit baggier in the tummy than I would have liked....still....It leaves room for a few biscuits!!


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