Sunday, 17 October 2010

A little "Cath" here and a little "K" there.....

My sister's Christmas present requests are challenging to say the least. After taking up the wool last year she decided that she would very much like a woolly granny square throw to go on her conservatory sofa....I obliged and needless to say it took a while!!  I'll blog the Christmas blanket another time but there's a little sneak peek below bring us back to the title of my post sisters request for Christmas 2010.....

...... A Quilt......... more specifically....... A Cath Kidston Quilt......oh and could I make it a double!!!

The past two months has been spent scouring ebay for patchwork pieces, remnants and yardage. Its going to be a patchwork quilt of a random design.

This sneak peek is possible as I gave her the option of some design input...completely random or a bit of a pattern?  Luckily she opted for random so I don't have to embark on a mammoth colour jigsaw! Luckily during the consultation (very technologically done via text) she downgraded the size to that of a sofa throw. Want to see what I've achieved so far.....

After a lot of cutting I have gained a pile of squares!

 Arranging them at random took a fair while but it was enjoyable and fun!

Now all that is left is an awful lot of sewing!!!


  1. seriously, your talent sickens me a little bit. I wish I had the patience for sewing. You're my hero.

  2. Don't get ahead of yourself! these little beasties arn't sewn together yet!!