Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New Knits

My first love for woolly adventures is always my crochet hook. Mainly  because it is fast and requires a lot less patience and a lot less counting! However knitted fabrics can possess much more drape and offer a finer result. So I have once again searched out my knitting needles for a new adventure.
This fabulous yarn was a present and I have been looking at it for almost a year just waiting until I had the time to potter and learn the skills needed to make the most of it….
This is what it looks like in the sunshine…

This is how it looks on the needles….I love bright colours!! Have you guessed what I’m learning to knit yet?
Yes….its SOCKS!
….and yes I am finding working with DPN’s awkward….very awkward….but hopefully practice will result in one sock….maybe even a pair!


  1. It might just be the angle of the picture, but that kinda looks like you've started at the toe.

  2. It's a toe up sock....finding the dpns very fiddlesome....think it might be a long long time before I have a sock to show for it...

  3. I'm not surprised if you started at the toe. Top down is easier, because you have more room.

  4. I will try top down next...but first I need to persevere and complete these!