Sunday, 10 April 2011


 Spring has well and truly sprung :-)
This weekend we’ve had the most glorious sunshine and all the new shoots are making a bid for the sky. My sweet peas have finally germinated and I can’t wait for them to be big enough to be safe from the marauding birds.
Flowers have blossomed over the past week and winter feels quite far behind now…
The flame of the forest has been a fantastic red colour and is now just starting to pale as its next door neighbour comes our in white flowers. Sandwiched between the flame and the rhododendron is an azalea in magnificent orange (can’t wait until that flowers!

All the insects are out and buzzing and I watched this little industrious ladybug walk all along a branch then all the way up the trunk of our maple tree to take a flying leap – I guess these guys need a jump start with their flying!

Hope the sky was the same glorious blue for you!

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