Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nursery addition

Way back when in one of my first sewing projects I created a patchwork plastic bag holder. This was before my blog ever started and it was a nice introductory sewing project. There are many good tutorials out there on the web to help talk you through the process. This time I needed a bag holder for our nursery ready to stash all those plastic bags that we use for lining the bin. I fully anticipate my life being filled with pooh filled nappies so having a means of disposal on standby was a must. I had a small remnant of Cath Kidston Fabric left over from the stash building I did in preparation for the Cath Kidston Quilt which turned out to be the perfect size. Sew to channels top and bottom, thread and secure your elastic through then seam up the sides. Simples!
This is a nice project to get started sewing and can be quite a useful stash buster as well. The Tutorial I used to remind me of the steps for this can be found here at little sage.

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