Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Square Bird….

I was recently gifted a book entitled Little Birds by Design Collective. Have a little look on amazon to see how pretty this book is. It is all about birdies and the different ways to make them. There was a bird featured which was a fat round bluebird. I decided this would make an excellent toy for our upcoming arrival and as I had some spare fabric from the charity shop duvet cover I used for the V-Shaped cushion cover I thought what could go wrong!! So I set about it. The pattern calls for four teardrop shapes which are stitched to form a ball and then the features such as the wings and the feet sewn on afterwards. in order to make this more robust I decided to half two of the shapes to allow for the wings to be sewn into the seams…..this and some other fatal mistakes (very important to line the points of the shapes up people) led to a very cute bird…..but one that was not exactly round…..ready to burst into a laughing fit???? ….don’t worry…everyone else has once they’ve been shown this sewing adventure….especially when they are informed of the crucial shape it should be….spherical…..yup it should be a nice big fat spherical bird instead we have this……..
From above…
From the front….
Finished laughing yet????
If you look closely at the top you can see how badly off centre my points are. This is definitely a design I plan to practice on!! So hopefully dear readers in the future you will see some perfectly sewn spherical balls which will have some hope of rolling across the floor! In the meantime I am very proud of my little square birdy as he will function as a very cute cushion if nothing else!!

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