Tuesday, 11 December 2012

December 11th

A little late in the day but there was crafting to be done….and it had to be fitted in between feeding, burping, shushing, reading, truck brwmming and wriggly bum changes….

I started off with these……..Can you guess what I am going to make?


So I have, some paper, orange stickers, googly eyes and a foot impression I made as a tree decoration from sculpey (more on that later).

Are you ready??? my 11th decoration is……….




I made it by placing the paper on top of my sculpey foot mark and doing a rubbing with a black crayon to get the outline. I then used the orange sticker for a beak and added the eyes. I doubt this one will be on the advent calendar next year as its too flimsy to be stashed in the pocket and bashed about so it will be upgraded to the real tree next year. The eyes had adhesive backing so it will be interesting to see how long they last! I might also stiffen the base more with another layer of card.



Don’t those Toes look huge!!

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