Friday, 7 December 2012

How to make a simple felt bauble

I am on a deadline I need enough decorations for my advent tree to fill the days before Christmas. I have the next three days lined up and ready to go. I thought I would share how I was putting together the simple baubles from the last three days. One thing thing to remember about these decorations is for me they are not final….I’m hoping this will be a tradition where the decorations get better and better. I can add to the ones I feel are lacking a little I can completely replace some and in the future I hope my son will make some. My time this year is tight….not much give in it at all so these are very much make do decorations and next year will be bigger and better Open-mouthed smile


The baubles are simple 2-d decorations.

Step 1: Cut out two bauble shapes…If you want them to match exactly cut out two at a time.


Step2: I’m continuing with the purple one….

Plan your decorations. This one has just two silver stripes so I cut my silver ribbon to size and place them where I want them


Step 3: I fold my hanging ribbon in half and sandwich it between the two layers. I use this point to begin sewing as then the thread from the machine anchors the ribbon and I don’t have to use any pins.P1080631

See how the starting point is right at the top?


Step 4: I then add in the ribbon as I go round. I started off sandwiching in the ends between the two layers but as I was lazy with the pins it wasn’t as tight as I liked so I opted for just sewing the ribbon down then trimming to shape afterwards


Step 5: Ta Dah! One bauble – Can you see how the folding into the two layers didn’t quite work for the silver ribbon? I just trimmed round the edges to neaten it up. After all these just need to look good not withstand heavy play!



With the blue bauble I layered up felt stripes and the pink I sewed on a link from a broken bracelet and blanket-stitched round the edges.



Here they are in a row. I’m not 100% happy with them as I feel they need a bit more pizazz.


Any suggestions for the next batch are most welcome – Just leave a comment!


  1. Good idea with the broken jewellery to make it special. I'm liking the baubles...the blue's my favourite i think...if you wanted to hide the silver stripe ends would you hve to do inside out and turn right way around, or would that not work with this sort of thing?! x

  2. On most things I'd agreed but with these little things I;m going to say the fiddlesome factor is a big deterrent and they don't get inspected too closely!! Especially given the time factor...I think next year will be a different story when I get round to updating them all :-D