Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Dragonfly memo Board

I’ve often fancied a go at making one of those fabric noticeboards and the crafty stars have finally aligned through a combination of events! My sister over at mylittlemancreations beat me to it which meant that she had gone ahead and purchased the required staple gun (win for the thrifty me!), I cleared my crafting area which yielded an old canvas print that I had long ago fallen out of love with (win for the up cycling me!), I had a gigantic box from a car seat that had yet to be recycled (a win for the lazy housekeeper me!), our Christmas stockings had won star letter in a magazine (win for the lucky me!)….the magazine said that instead of sending a random prize we could choose our £50 goodies from abakhans….£25 for me and £25 for my sister….(all versions of me jumped up and down at this point!!).

It took a great deal of deliberation to choose my prizes but with my sisters creation in mind i decided that the time was right to nick her staple gun and make a memo board and included in my prize wish list some wadding, ribbon, fabulous ceramic buttons (they were expensive but I decided they were worth it!) and some fabric.

The crafting gods smiled upon this project once more and the parcel arrived the day before my sister came up for our crafty weekend. I decided the canvas felt a bit too flimsy so after many failed attempts I liberated the humongous car seat box from the spare room before my nephew went to sleep – this took about four goes as every time they slept we crafted but I never thought to move the box until my nephew was nicely tucked up asleep (and no it wasn’t worth waking him!!!!). I cut the cardboard to size and slipped it behind the canvas so it was held in between the picture and the frame. I then quizzed my sister lots and we had a bit of a role reversal – she was trying to quietly concentrate on her makes and I was the noisy one for a change!. The wadding was stretched tight and stapled…followed by the fabric…then came the precision placement of the ribbons. I am normally a haphazard type of person and this took a lot of willpower to stop myself from just stapling anywhere and saying Ta Dah!!. Finally the ribbons were stapled and I sewed my lovely buttons in place. Would you like to see?


The dragonfly fabric I chose was thinner than expected (always a gamble buying fabric online) but I really like the way some of the colours from the canvas come through and add a little extra depth. Can you see them the odd splodge of navy and pink? the wadding tones it down and obscures any definite lines so I am left with just colour graduations which make me really happy. the navy ribbons worked well and the two central ones with the white stitching actually came wrapped around a pair of my boys pyjamas (another win for the hoarder me!) I am really glad I went for the expensive ceramic buttons as I really liked them and by using them for this project it means that they were a) used and not just put away never to grace a project because they are too precious and b) I’ll get to see them everyday……well as soon as my husband bangs in a few nails for me to hang it up! I promise a picture of it in situ will follow soon!


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