Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Chef needs to Rest!

The rearrangement of our dining room table left us with two spare chairs. These two have arms on and don’t quite slide neatly underneath the table. We wanted them downstairs but still close to hand for when we have company so one now sits in the conservatory and one has made it into the kitchen. When I was pregnant I found that having a chair to sit on in the kitchen whilst the pots bubbled was a lifesaver and I now appreciate having somewhere to sit when there's no time to walk away from the stove but nothing much you can stir, flip, fry, bake etc. in that time. The chair did lack a cushion so I did something unusual for me….I picked one fabric and kept it simple. I only had one fat quarter of the fabric so had to choose a coordinating backing….a strip of the front material helps it blend in. I was having an off day when I made this – the recycled cushion was lumpy…uneven in shape and the tight amounts of backing fabric meant that getting a nice overlapping envelope was tricky….I think I unpicked and re-sewed this umpteen times. I hid two poppers underneath the opening to keep it square…its not brilliant but it will do…hey we all have off days at the machine! One thing I do love though is the fabric choices..the front material in particular is lovely.


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