Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Thank you for the rain!

Its raining indoors at the Deryn Du house….raining INSPIRATION!!

My sister came up to stay for the weekend with my nephew and brought along this crafty little guy. She had been sending me sneaky pictures all week…could you have guessed what was heading my way?


A clown? a sun? a doll? nope it was an inspiration cloud! raining colourful felt raindrops on silvery shiny thread!


This little slice of craftiness was meant for my sewing room to help me out of a little creative slump I was in. See the embroidery on the back?? every cloud has a silver lining….and this one went especially well in my conservatory with my heart garland. This way it can be much admired and seen everyday.


I do like watching the little raindrops dangle!



If you want to check out what my sister was thinking with this cloud then check out her post here. There will be more on our crafty weekend coming soon so for now just a little note for a little sister

Thank you for the rain!

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