Saturday, 6 April 2013


Well Easter just flew by but I have not been idle! My main task in the run up to Easter was to produce and Easter bonnet for the little ones Easter parade at nursery…..


Everyone else said the same thing……

Easter bonnet??…….but he’s a BOY!!!

Well I wasn’t going to be the mum that let their kid miss out….there were prizes for taking part and kids love to be included so we renamed it the Easter Hat….poo pooed the sniggers and got crafting!

I decided to make a felt base for the hat and actually sketched out a plan. I was short on time you see so a plan helped keep it focussed. Want to see the sketch?

Easter Hat sketch

To get an idea of head size I cut a hole in an a4 sheet of paper and then popped it on his head and folded it over at the back where it was too big. I was pleased with my template but during some sporadic cleaning my husband threw the template out and kept the circle I had cut out thinking that one was the template and that my actual template was rubbish! So I winged the size. The hat based turned out ok but I had some issues at the back. There was just too much felt for a neat finish. I think this could have been solved by a) having the actual template, b) working on it when my model wasn’t snoozing in bed and c) making the top a slightly bigger size. I think practice will help. Before sewing the hat sections together I decorated the top with anything that needed to be sewn on. So the lake, the smallest ducks and the grass were all stitched in place.

Easter HatEaster HatEaster HatEaster HatEaster Hat

I stitched some of the side details before sewing the whole hat together. The other bits were added on after as they only needed a few stitches to hold them on

Easter Hat

The rest Came together quite easily with a few evenings of stitching and crochet. The bunny is made of a simple egg shape with ears and felt details. The duck was crocheted using the Rubber Duckie Pattern. The small ducks were just some randomly shaped crochet.

Easter HatEaster HatEaster Hat

The Paper flowers were made my the little one. I popped him in the highchair and gave him a paper plate and some felt pens…admittedly there were more marks on him than the plate but the scribbles he did do added some colour to the flowers which I then cut out and meant that he had also contributed to the hat. Want to see the finished hat?

Easter HatEaster HatEaster HatEaster Hat

The hat is still being worn…well waved about but he definitely knows its HIS hat. He got a certificate and a small chocolate egg….oh and a rather snazzy hat Open-mouthed smile

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