Sunday, 14 April 2013

Best dressed…..cow

Yesterday we ventured out to the national trust property Bodnant Gardens. It is a lovely place full of hills and beautiful gardens. It really is worth going just to see the magnolias in bloom…things were only just starting to flower on this occasion so I think we need to plan another trip in a few weeks to get the full effect. When I looked up the postcode just before we left I noticed that it was their spring weekend and they had lots of activities, giant bubbles, pot decorating, wooden toy demos, story corner and a best dressed teddy competition. So we grabbed my son’s oldest teddy, bunged some wool and tools in a bag and we were off. A race against time to makeover Mrs Moo!

She needed a hat and apparently it just HAD to be one that allowed he ears and horns to stick out. the easiest way to do this is to start the centre and crochet until you hit your first obstacle. In this case it was a horn then do a chain that's long enough to go around the obstacle, re-join to the work and crochet on. Once you come back round you just crochet in the chain stitches. always a good idea to keep trying the hat on your victim model. To do the brim I fastened off then crocheted using longer stitches our of just the back loops of the main hat. this means that the brim will naturally fold up a bit. A ribbon and a flower later and she was done. I fastened a bit of gingham ribbon around her neck as well.

Mrs Moo Makeover (2)

Mrs Moo Makeover (3)

Our entry came second but we one a prize for entering!!

Mrs Moo Makeover

I’m looking forward to the days when my little man is able to help craft his own stuff for competitions but for now we have a cookie (I’m hoping he’ll share!), Mrs Moo has a new Hat and I’ll try not to think about how fast he is growing up!

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