Monday, 16 September 2013


I did warn you there would be some more cushions. I bought this fabric as fat quarters from the Aberdashery in Aberystwyth. It is a lovely woodland fabric and I actually took the time to choose some complimentary backing fabric.
The lighting doesn’t do the colours justice. The first has a cream/linen coloured background and the second is the same fabric but with a subtle mauve/brown hue. They look lovely next to each other. I loved the fabric so much I decided the cushions should be a simple as possible on the front to showcase it. The envelope backings allowed a little bit of design (and fudging!).
The first cushion was backed by a grey flower fabric with outlines of yellow and red.
I highlighted the envelope closure with a yellow ribbon sewn with red thread on the end seam. This cover lacked some precision with the measuring and came out a touch baggy. This gave me ample opportunity to try out the buttonhole stitch on my sewing machine and the self covered buttons make it look like it was an intentional design rather than a last minute fixer.
The second cover came out tighter as i used the first cover as a template and adjusted the width a little. The tighter cover didn’t need buttons but I still wanted it to tie into the other cover.P1100381
I still had some yellow ribbon left over from the first cushion so attached a length to the edge of the seam and added some piping. The first piping I have ever attempted so I am super proud of this. I think in hindsight fabric piping would have been easier than sewing the ribbon as I find it hard to get the tension right with these ribbons but I loved the shade of yellow with the cushions so I persevered.
If you like the woodland fabric it is Wildflower Wood by Lynette Anderson.

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