Monday, 9 September 2013

N Er Dy

Nerdy? Bit of a Geek?? I’m afraid I am guilty as charged!!
So when a fellow scientist announced a new baby was on the way then we put our thinking caps on. We needed a project that people could contribute to keeping in mind time and ability levels. These play blocks were Just the thing and between 5 of us the project soon took shape.
We crocheted or knitted 10cm x 10cm squares. Each was embroidered with a letter or had a felt letter sewn on. We whip stitched them together around a foam cube and voila Periodic Element Playing Blocks!
It was a genuine collaborative effort and utilised lots of scraps but I think the finished blocks are brilliant and would love to have the stamina to make a set for my own son!
July 2013 001July 2013 017July 2013 002
Periodic element playing Blocks (2)Periodic element playing Blocks (3)Periodic element playing Blocks (4)Periodic element playing Blocks (5)July 2013 107July 2013 106
Periodic element playing Blocks (6)
Apologies for the photo backgrounds. Many of these pictures were taken at work on the camera phone. If anyone is looking for foam blocks or indeed any shape of foam I can highly recommend twfoam. They cut foam to any specification, were reasonable and fast!

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