Saturday, 19 January 2013

A time for finishing

January for me is always a month where I try to finish up outstanding projects. If the run up to Christmas is a bit frantic I always end up with a few outstanding presents that are half finished…January feels like the right month for finishing…preparing for the new year…so I have not been idle. Want to see what I have been up too whilst huddling up in the warm and watching the weather fall?

A finished present for my cousins boy of crocheted veg and fruit…there are a lot more patterns out there but time and stamina have made me call it a day here – we have a strawberry and a banana, then a selection of whole and chopped carrots, peas and some cabbage/lettuce leaves. Hopefully they will cook up ok in his kitchen

Crochet fruit and vegCrochet fruit and veg (5)Crochet fruit and veg (4)Crochet fruit and veg (6)Crochet fruit and veg (7)Crochet fruit and veg (8)

My cousin also requested a last minute scarf so I raided my stash and picked out some green variegated wool with some sparkles in. My scarfs are notorious in that I can never gauge them right…I always start them too wide or too long and then spend forever trying to even out the proportions. this one was no different and I swear the length looked right when I chained it!!!. I decided to crochet in lengthways up to combat my normal tendency to make them too wide and guess what….yes…that's right Way too long!! and I was in danger of running out of wool so it would have made a very long yet very skinny scarf!. I couldn't face the though of frogging so I worked a row of chain stitches and then folded the scarf on half looping chains through each other to give a lattice work centre, a deep fringed end and the other end hopefully looks like a designed loop….ah well so long as it keeps her warm!!!


Next up a pair of love birds destined to top a wedding cake. I am waiting on the colour and detailing requests but the bodies are made. hopefully the finished pair will be flying through to show off their feathers in April


I have started as quilt for my son in preparation for his birthday. Here’s a peak at the current progress.


To help combat this wintery weather I have been buying some flowers with the weekly shop. I have a splash of yellow in the living room as a vase of daffodils are breaking out and on the dining room table a nice bright spot of cheer with these tulips. I do like having flower and I must confess that I get really excited when the daffs start appearing.


Something else that adds a bit of cheer to this long month is watching my little monster investigate his chair.


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