Monday, 7 January 2013

Got to be in it to win it!

Remember the festive stocking make….the one where my sister nittered and nattered her way through a weekend of crafting and babies??? you can read about it here. Well My sister jumped in the car to drive home….(this started with her driving in a circle to pick up all the stuff she had left first) and I jumped on my computer and sent an email of our makes in to Simply Homemade Magazine to thank them for the jingle bells. And we made star letter!??!?

I am so pleased! forgive the photo as I took it on my phone quickly to send to my sister and tell her she was famous at last!!! I would take another one but I’ve put this copy away now and I haven't got it in me to touch those tidy tidy shelves just yet!!!

Moral of this tale: If you don’t write in you’ll never get Star letter…but if you do then your lucky star might shine!

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