Friday, 11 January 2013

Gwdihw…..Twit Twooooooo

Good morning, Last night I managed to finish a cushion cover. It started out quite simple then gradually grew more elaborate. Its intended to replace the V-Cushion from this post here. The v-cushion has a hot chocolate stain on it and I’m hankering after a better cover for it. The checked gingham is ok but it was done using what I could find and it is now destined for the sofa having outgrown its use so it will have a funkier cover. This cushion is for when my little monster wants to lounge on the floor with his bottle.

I wanted to use what was left from the fabric used to cover his little chair and the rest had to slot in around that. As usual I never seem to have enough of the chosen fabric to do what I want so I generally focus on the front and then piece the back from remnants (yes am too impatient to order more in and the aim of the game is to bust stash!).

My sister over at mylittlemancreations suggested personalising it and I chose the owl to resemble one of those featured in the fabric. Hence the title as Gwdihw is one of the welsh words for owl…say it after me GOODY-HOO!One of my favourite welsh words – I love the sound it makes!


The branch that the owl is sat on is made up of the words Cariad (Love) and Cwtch (hug). I’m really pleased with how that turned out. I used the remaining blue polka dot binding to add the ties.

P1090238P1090239 P1090236

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