Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Hello, I hope you all had a good Christmas and a happy beginning to the new year. I know a lot of people who like to have their house all clean and shiny ready to welcome the new year in…I find this impossible!

I am rarely in my own home to greet the new year and if I am then we have normally just returned and the combination of packing mess, unpacking mess, wrapping, new presents to be homed and old to be discarded I find it an impossible task. So Instead I choose to start my new year a week late. It means that my new years resolutions aren't immediately destroyed by the lurking excesses of Christmas….I have been busy this week I have managed to purge the house of the remaining Christmas chocolates and started a house revamp.

My little imp is growing fast and dontcha know EVERYTHING is interesting….and must be tasted….BANGED….and thrown. So in the interests of protecting our cd’s and dvds we purchased a new bookcase from ikea….with doors! So this has now been installed and filled in our living room which freed up a spare bookcase which I was determined to shoe horn into my craft zone.

Would you like to see?

The mess

See the surrounding mess? I’m afraid that is how it has been for a while… give you a better idea here's a close up…Run away now!

Can you see why it took so long!!! I must confess I’d taken to crafting elsewhere. Definitely not an inspiring space! So I beavered away and started filling the new bookcase…sorting through all the boxes as I went….see the shelves filling up!!

getting organisedGetting organised

Getting Organised

Starting to look nicer isn’t it! I sorted through and changed my storage options…I had a whole box of fabric scraps that were itsy bitsy small….not really useable….and I took a big breath and BINNED them! I hope that all crafters are afflicted in the same way as me…you look at something and think…hmmm that could be useful for something…..someday….then it builds…hoarding at its worst. I sorted bins and was as ruthless as I could be I found some half finished projects along the way as well like this rainbow quilt

Rainbow quilt

I sorted through my cottons…..

Stored some ribbons….old and new (am quite excited about the new ones)

Then finally I was done!  Would you like to see my new craft zone?





I do find throwing stuff away hard so anything that made me smile and had good memories along the way I stuck up on the wall for a bit of inspiration…..can you see….My candles from my 30th birthday cake (found them lurking at a bottom of a box), puppy pictures of my sisters dog (nothing looks happy than a dog with a bone!), my wedding seating plan designed by my brother (www.glowingpixie,com) is on the top shelf.

What has inspired this new home re-vamp project? several things…its been due for a while and I stumbled across this blog Cherry Heart. More specifically her Pretty Crafty Home Mission….so although I am joining a year late if I can work the computer magic then her crafty home badge shall be appearing in my sidebar. I’ll look out a few projects to add to the to do list/goals and post them up.

My first success?… CRAFT ZONE!! now to keep it clean (cripes!)

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